From street to metaverse: the future of connected garments


Connected clothing is becoming the next big thing in fashion. The use of these NFT-backed garments can reduce fashion wastes, improve product provenance, enhance operational efficiencies, and open up endless possibilities in the virtual arena.

While it promises tremendous benefits, the concept of connected fashion seems distant from our familiar lexicon. Not everyone has a good understanding of what NFT is, the opportunities it will bring to their business, and especially where to start. This guidebook was created to empower you to embark on this essential transformation.


In this white paper, you will find:



The forces shaping the future of fashion



What is connected clothing?


New possibilities for fashion: The case study of a phygital hoodie



The making of the Kitten❤️Arianee NFT hoodies



How can your brand ride into the future with NFTs?

“We really wanted to show to brands that tomorrow's connected clothing will bring many possibilities in real life but also in the digital world, in terms of CRM, engagement and even new revenue streams opportunities.”

- Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO of Arianee

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What people are saying about this project

Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, new words like NFT, metaverse, and "AI" are harbingers of a new era in fashion. A world where we will be able to know the genesis of the creation of our favorite jacket, a world where we will no longer have the excuse to buy without knowing the real cost of our new pair of shoes.

- Julie Pont - Fashion Director @ Heuritech

We are very happy to participate in this project and to be able to offer our customers a solution for the identification, authentication and traceability of their products. The Arianee solution is an ideal response to these challenges.

- Benoit Neyret - CEO @ Neyret

At ISRA, we take pride in integrating digital security and authentication into physical devices (labels, warranty certificates, etc.). It is natural that ISRA approached Arianee, which offers a blockchain-based solution to enrich the user experience and strengthen the brand-consumers relationship.

- Carloman GRELU - CTO @ ISRA